The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The Limp Dick

LMoP: Session 1

At the recommendation of his cousin K'lika'qualkua Kuna, the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker hired the party to guide a wagon of mining equipment from the city of Neverwinter southeast to the settler town of Phandalin for 10 gold pieces apiece. Gundren set off ahead of the party with his hired bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter, and our players followed the next day.

Shortly after reaching the Triboar Trail the party saw two dead horses lying dead upon the road. Upon investigating, the party was ambushed by four goblin. A bloody skirmish ensued, but the party managed to route them. Balmore P.D. the elven wizard discovered a map hidden amongst the trees, while La'Thum the dragonborn paladin determined that the two horses belonged to Gundren and Sildar.

The party decided to disguise Halain the human rogue as a goblin and sent her to investigate the 5 mile long path northeast of the Trail. The path led to a cave with two bored goblins on lookout outside. Upon starting back to the party, she bumped into Angus the human ranger. The two decided to take care of the goblin lookouts themselves. After a series of awkward tree-climbing and a couple poorly-aimed arrows, the pair managed to kill one goblin and interrogate the other. The captured goblin revealed that Gundren and Sildar had been in the cave, but that Gundren had been relocated.

The rest of the party caught up, and they set up a trap: Halain would lure the goblins in the cave outside by screaming about a dragon (La'Thum) she had captured; Maurice the gnome bard and Balmore P.D. would hang over the cave mouth and drop oil + fire bolts on enemies who exited; and Dick the human fighter and Angus would pick them off with arrows one by one. Unfortunately, Halain's shouting only provoked the ire of three wolves who were chained up within the cave. Breaking free, they summarily knocked out La'Thum and Halain and escaped the cave, attacking the rest of the party. After another bloody battle, the tired party set up camp in the woods and took a long rest. 

In the morning, the La'Thum led the party into the cave. After a long sequence involving large-scale cavern floodings, failed rope climbings, and foolhardy magic missiles, the party was fighting for their lives against a cavern packed with goblins, wolves, and a massive bugbear. In an act of sheer badassery, Dick dragged three goblins off a bridge with him and slowly lost his life while half of his party bickered over treasure. RIP Dick.

The surviving adventurers finally found Sildar, who had been on the brink of death. Halain and Angus left the party after failing to steal any of the treasure discovered from the rest of the party. The remaining party members gathered their newfound treasure, among which were a little frog statuette and several boxes emblazoned with blue lions. And so Maurice, Balmore P.D., La'Thum, and Sildar recovered the caravan and eventually arrived in Phandalin.




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