The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Glasstaff's Revenge

LMoP Session 9

As the party watches the wooden barracks burn to the ground, they become aware that they are being observed. Peering into the shadows on the southern side of the town square, they observe to cloaked figures attempting to obscure themselves in the brush. Tulinthel calls out a greeting, to which they respond by running away. Maurice takes an apple from Ezekiel and lobs it at one of the fleeing figures; the apples shatters against the back of its head with such force that the figure is knocked to the ground.

Approaching the fallen figure, the party notices locks of brown hair tumbling down from within its hood. They turn the body over and see that it is a young woman. She wears a cloak shaped to resemble dragon wings; the garment culminates in a wide hood with 2 loose, elongated pockets of material hanging limply from its apex.

Interrogation reveals that her name is Lacey and that she is a relatively new member of the cultists; they had taken up residence in the town in order to curry favor with the dragon. She is terrified by the dragon head carried upon Tulinthel's shoulder. Reluctantly, she is persuaded to lead the party to the cultists' headquarters a little further down the road; however, she insists that the cultists would not open the door unless she was alone. The rest of the party departs down the road, although Negro attempts to obscure himself in some nearby shrubbery. He sees the door open and Lacey disappear inside. The party spends some time deliberating their next course of action. Maurice explains that if Angus were in this town, then the statue



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