The Lost Mine of Phandelver

Cragmaw Castle or (The Unexpected Temple of Pelor)
LMoP Session 6

Maurice, Negro, and Daren left the burning forest behind them and travel back towards Phandalin. Along the route they encountered a half-orc named Ezekiel, whose wilderness home had very recently been burnt down. The newly expanded party sets up camp for the night, but are wakened by a small raiding party of orcs. In the middle of the fight, K'lika'qualkua Kuna bursts into the scene and helps the party handily defeat the orc threat. Explaining that the party absolutely needs to rescue Gundren from his captivity at Cragmaw Castle sooner rather than later, the he guided the party back to Phandalin.

Once there, Negro slipped away to further  investigate the strange happenings at Tresendar Manor. Daren gave Maurice a thank-you gift for helping him investigate the Old Owl Well: an immovable rod. He also gave Maurice Javelin of Lightning to give to Negro. The group retired to Aunt Quelline's house, where Quelline informed Maurice that she was considering sending Carp to the Deus Vult Academy of Excellence instead of Sister Garaele's school. Alarmed, Maurice refused to give her the 40 gp tuition that the DVAE required for non-recruitees, but still gave her the usual allowance. He then questioned Carp about his friends who have transferred to the new school.

After dinner, the party decided to go check out the manor at night. They drew phallic symbols on one of the banners and barely escaped one of the guards patrolling the perimeter. The next day, the party set off to find Cragmaw Castle.

K'lika'qualkua Kuna got the party lost in the woods, and Maurice tried talking to a raccoon, who directed them towards the lair of a hulking ogre. Escaping the ogre, the party eventually oriented themselves and found themselves gazing upon Cragmaw Castle. After trying and failing to light pieces of scaffolding on fire with arrows, the the party decided to enter via deception, with Ezekiel pretending to have captured the dwarf and gnome. Entering, they were led to the room of the bugbear King Grol, who was discussing something with a female drow when the party entered. The king had a large wolf by his side and was gesturing to am open map on a nearby table, next to which laid an unconscious Gundren.

After being intensely questioned by the female drow, who kept changing shapes, Ezekiel convinced the throne room that he wanted to privately torture all the captives unsupervised, so he led all three prisoners to a sacrificial chapel near the entrance of the castle. The chapel showed signs of once having belonged to worshippers of Pelor, but had since been converted to a crude shrine to Maglubiyet. 

An unfortunate encounter with a hidden grick outside the chapel led to a fight with the female drow and various hobgoblins. Making deft use of the immovable rod, the party escaped the castle by the skin of their teeth, with Gundren in tow, 


The One Where They Set a Forest on Fire
LMoP Session 5

Maurice was awakened one morning to the sound of Aunt Quelline answering the door for two people, who turned out to be Daren Edermath (a 65 year old retired adventurer) and his drow protégé, Negro the Black. Daren invited Maurice to accompany them on a quest to investigate suspicious reports from Old Owl Well; some adventurers passing through the area had told Daren they'd felt a malicious presence there, with some even claiming to have seen the undead walking around the premises. He offered to give the young adventurers some old weapons he'd held onto from his old adventuring days upon their return. 

While getting ready to depart, Negro investigated something curious he had seen on the way to Edermath Orchard- lines of young street urchins clutching books and walking towards the Tresendar Manor (former location of the Redbrand Hideout). Approaching, he noticed that two banners had been draped on the slightly dilapidated columns bordering the door, each bearing the sigil of a horned dog head. As he was about to pull it down, the door bursts open and a tall, elegant elf informed him that this was the recently started Deus Vult Academy of Excellence, started with the purpose of turning orphans into upstanding citizens. As Negro reached up to tear down a banner, the elf cast a spell that sent Negro flying.

Meanwhile, Maurice went to the Sleeping Giant tavern to have a pint of mead, and his devotee Rosie Slepperd attended to him. Maurice convinced her (with a 29 persuasion roll) that the guy sitting at the end of the bar was very attractive, so she promptly left and began chatting up the half-orc.

Along the road to the Old Owl Well, the group came upon an owlbear being harassed by a few hobgoblins. Daren convinced the crew to rescue it, so they killed the hobgoblins and barely escaped the enraged, wounded owlbear. As the crew continued up the road, the sound of buzzing greeted their ears as 7 stirges (giant mosquitos) dive-bombed the party. On the verge of being overwhelmed, Maurice leapt into their midst and let loose a Thunderwave that caused them all to explode, causing only minor damage to the unfortunate party members to whom the stirges had already latched.

Negro led the crew along a route that cut through the hills (relatively drama-free, besides an attempted ambush by a crew of 4 orcs which the party effectively countered with deft use of invisibility and long-range sniping) and within 2 days they'd arrived at the well. 

There they discovered a flamboyant necromancer had set up camp, who was ostensibly training zombies to perform dance routines for the upcoming Phandalin Phall Phestival. Negro noticed that the tattoo on his bald head matched that of the banner from Deus Vult Academy of Excellence and questioned him further, upon which the necromancer admitted that he had been asked to help raise up an undead army. Misty-stepping away from the group, he ordered his 12 zombies to attack.

The necromancer got his throat slit by Negro, Maurice shattered a few zombies, and Daren invoked his deity to Turn the Undead, giving the party a chance to escape. Negro passed out some torches and the party set the forest on fire, to finish off the zombie horde and prevent anything else from spawning. They then began to make their way back to Phandalin.

The Storks
LMoP Session 4

The group headed to the Shrine of Luck, a temple dedicated to the Goddess of Luck Tymora. Inside the richly decorated temple they found Carp sitting with a beautiful blond elven woman who introduced herself as Sister Garaele. With a look of recognition, she disappeared briefly and returned with a refreshed-looking Tulinthel. She entrusted the group with a quest: visit the banshee Agatha and ascertain the location of the legendary mage Bowgentle's spellbook. As a reward, she would offer the group 3 potions of healing and her gratitude. To aid with the quest, Garaele gave Tulinthel a beautiful silver comb to help flatter the banshee.

Halain privately convinced Garaele to give her two potions up front, which she did not reveal to the party.

Within the Shrine was a large golden fountain. When Balmore threw a golden coin in, he was filled with the Blessing of Tymora, which lasted until he fell asleep that night in Quelline's hayloft. La'Thum and Dobby opted to spend the night in the Stonehill Inn. Dobby's attempts to teach La'Thum Goblin proved fruitless.

In the morning, the group went to the Merchant Square and rented several horses, along with a pony for Tulinthel and a large mastiff for Dobby. They then proceeded towards Conyberry, a ransacked town about 45 miles northeast of Phandalin, near which Agatha's lair was said to be. Along the route they were accosted by a band of 5 orcs prowling the area. They were wearing crudely fashioned owlbear hide armor, yet proved no great challenge to the party. 

The party reached Conyberry at around 5 pm and decided to settle in for the night. Examining the empty town they discovered an inn that had long since been pillaged and set up for the night. While on third watch, Tulinthel spotted a small band of goblins moving through the village, though they paid no attention to the inn in which the party was hiding.

In the morning, the group ventured into the forest to find Agatha's lair. Reaching a decrepit hut hidden amongst the vines, Tulinthel called out to the banshee while brandishing the silver comb, prompting the door to swing open of its own accord. The group entered the hut with the exception of La'Thum and Dobby, who waited uneasily outside. 

The banshee materialized, accepted the comb as an appropriate tribute, and told the group she would answer any one question they posed. She revealed that Bowgentle's books had been traded to a necromancer named Tsernoth over a hundred years before, and had last been seen in the city of Iriaebor.

As the party wended its way back through the woods towards Conyberry, they kept hearing what sounded like the cry of a baby somewhere off the road. Chopping through dense vines and foliage they stumbled upon a dark ceremony: a group of goblins apparently preparing to sacrifice a human infant to the god Maglubiyet. Tulinthel, speaking Goblin, suggested that sacrificing a goblin would be much more pleasing to Maglubiyet than a human. The goblin cleric agreed, and La'Thum brought forth an already-fainted Dobby and placed him upon the altar next to the baby. All the while, Balmore and Halain remained hidden in the underbrush at the edge of the clearing. Tulinthel slowly inched behind the goblin cleric. As the goblin's blade was about to come down upon Dobby, La'Thum scooped up the two victims and rushed to the trees, while the rest of the party rained attacks down upon the goblins. Before rushing back in, La'Thum attempted to wake the unconscious Dobby by having him inhale incense, but the smoke only made him poisoned. Care for the baby kept being handed off to different members over the course of the combat, until all the goblins were killed.

The party recovered their mounts and took the baby back to Phandalin. As all the shops had by now closed, they decided to rest for the night, then approach the new townmaster, Sildar, the next morning about the baby. La'Thum and Dobby retired to a room in the Stonehill Inn, while Halain and Balmore checked in with Quelline and Maurice. The older woman was doing much better, though apparently her healed leg was younger and stronger than it had been previously, making her stand and walk just a tad crooked. Maurice said that he wanted to make sure she was completely self-sufficient before he rejoined the party, but invited Halain and Balmore to make themselves at home in the hayloft once more. 

The next morning, the party regrouped and asked the new townmaster, Sildar, whether anyone was missing a baby. He hadn't heard anything, but suggested they leave it with the woodworker and his barren wife. Dubbing themselves The Storks, Tulinthel and La'Thum bestowed the baby (who they decided to name Charles) upon the couple. The couple, Erna and Bart Wocomy, cautiously accepted him.

Fully rested, the party made their way towards Wyvern Tor to deal with the orcs that have been plaguing the region. Halain, familiar with the near-Thundertree area, set the party on the right course towards the hilly landmark. Setting up camp in a tiny clearing, the party was attacked in the middle of the night by four ferocious wolves. Highlights: Dobby had his first true taste of combat, Tulinthel invoked a healing word ("Golf!"), Halain pew-pewed everything from the back, the hulking La'Thum got knocked prone by a wolf, and Balmore finally hit something with his sling.

After resting a bit more, the party made their way over to Wyvern Tor. Halain found orc tracks that led to a cave, outside of which one orc stood watch. Halain attempted to bring down the orc with a single shot, but the orc was merely wounded. As Tulinthel charged him, he shouted into the cave and out poured 5 more orc grunts, a larger orc that looked a bit like Abhijit, and an enormous ogre.

The party fought for their lives, sustaining serious damage even from just one successful hit by an enemy. Tulinthel noticed that the orcs seemed to be taking their orders from the Abhijit-orc, and told her companions to direct their fire upon him. 

Once the Abhijit-orc was killed, the other orcs quickly lost heart and attempted to flee. La'Thum imbued his newly-acquired magic blade with the might of Bahamut and sliced through 3 in one swing. However, the ogre continued fighting regardless. Balmore finally managed to bring him down with a perfectly cast Witch Bolt, sending a lance straight through the ogre's heart that sent jolts of electricity through his entire body and burst him like a balloon.

Treasure was acquired, and the party took a long, well-deserved rest back in the tiny clearing where their mounts were being watched by Dobby.

Two P.D.s, One Group
LMoP Session 3

Just as the group had affixed Redbrand cloaks to themselves, Tulinthel vanished in a flash of white-gold light. Unperturbed, the party continued to explore the Redbrand Hideout. Passing through a skeleton-filled room, opened a door to a cell-block. In one cell were two naked figures: a dwarf barbarian the party recognized as their friend K'lika'qualkua Kuna, and a human fighter boasting a comically large wang. In the other cell was a 40 year-old human woman and her two children.

After taking out the guards, human fighter introduced himself as Felati McGirth and explained that he had once been a traveling companion of Lucinda Albrite and Sildar Hallwinter. Sildar had recently lured him, Lucinda, and K'lika'qualkua into a trap, resulting in the death of Lucinda and capture of Sildar and K'lika'qualkua by bandits. The woman in the other cell introduced herself as Mirna Dendrar, and told the party that while she had nothing to offer them at that time, they could find a valuable emerald necklace buried in the ruins of her family's herb and alchemy shop in Thundertree. La'thum escorted the small family out, then returned to continue exploring the hideout.

The paladin sensed evil coming from behind a slightly ajar door. Upon investigation, he saw a small, pitiful goblin being harassed and mocked by three large bugbears. The party attempted to sneak past the room, but the bugbears heard them and engaged the party. The goblin fainted the moment swords were drawn.

After handily defeating the 3  bugbears, the party investigated the goblin. Balmore was about to slit the goblin's throat with his knife when the goblin woke up and expressed gratitude to the party for saving him. La'Thum, determining that the goblin was being sincere, decided to dub the goblin "Dobby" and recruit him as his personal squire. They then exited the hideout.

Back at the Alderleaf household, Quelline revealed that she had seen a man matching Sildar's description making a scene at the Townmaster's Hall. Felati stormed over and angrily confronted a confused Sildar over the death of Lucinda, but the toothless man protested his innocence. After a convincing explanation, in which Sildar hypothesized that a Doppelganger may have intentionally tricked him, Felati decided to stay and keep an eye on Sildar (who had kicked out the previous townmaster and, through the Lord's Alliance, would now be overseeing the town). After hearing that Glasstaff was really his old friend Iarno Albrek and had escaped, Sildar implored the party to go to Cragmaw Castle, kill King Grol, find Gundren Rockseeker, investigate the mysterious Black Spider figure who seemed to be pulling the strings, and bring Iarno to justice.

As the party was leaving, they noticed a poster hanging outside the Townmaster's Hall, listing a reward for taking care of the band of orcs prowling around Wyvern Tor.

Meanwhile, the Redbrands all seemed to have fled the town. As darkness fell, Maurice began leading the party over to the Shrine of Luck to pick up a tardy Carp from class.

The Racist Gnome
LMoP: Session 2

The party, now lacking Angus and Lady Halain, arrived in Phandalin as the sun was beginning to set. Sildar Hallwinter, who was now lacking several of his signature gold teeth, thanked them for their escort and ventured into town through a side entrance. Balmore, Maurice, and La'Thum trudged through Phandalin's main entrance. A group of fearsome-looking fellows, all of whom were wearing similar red cloaks and bandanas, stopped the group and demanded that they pay the "toll" to get into town. When Maurice attempted to sweet-talk his way out of paying, the men merely doubled his fine.

After paying, the party proceeded immediately to Barthen's Provisions. In the square outside the shop they came across a cleric named Tulinthel, who had once been the love interest of Dick. She explained her desire to build a temple to Pelor and, upon hearing that the party had travelled with Dick prior to his death, asked to join. The party then entered Barthen's Provisions, where they delivered the goods Gundren had entrusted to them and picked up some adventuring gear. Elmar Barthen expressed his concern that Gundren had gone missing so soon after discovering a map to the Wave Echo Cave, and informed the party that a group of bandits calling themselves Redbrands had overtaken the city. Maurice managed to swing a good deal on rope by emulating Elmar Barthen's Southern accent and correctly assuming the man's opinion of "darker folk."

The party regressed to a tavern, the Sleeping Giant, where Maurice and Tulinthel performed at the request of Sarah Slepperd, a dim but beautiful barmaid who developed an unrequited crush on Maurice. She paid the performers a little more than was thought acceptable for their performance, and allowed the entire party to stay in the rooms reserved for tavern workers. Balmore, who had been drinking steadily the entire evening, and La'Thum followed.

The party was awoken around dawn by the sound of a squabble outside; Halain had tried returning to the party, but was being accosted by several Redbrands. The party immediately leapt to her rescue and, after the fight, cautiously allowed her to rejoin.

In the morning, Maurice led the party to his aunt Quelline Alderleaf's house on the edge of town, where she took care of the party and assured them that they were welcome to stay any time. While the rest of the party ate, Tulinthel befriended Quelline's young son Carp, who revealed that he knew of a secret entrance to the Redbrand hideout. 

Carp led the party over to a trapdoor in the woods, into which the party descended. They emerged in a subterranean cavern underneath Trescendar Manor. Tulinthel fell through a rigged bridge and came face-to-face with a telepathic creature that called itself a nothic. It kept saying it was hungry. Tulinthel told the party to pull both herself and the nothic up, and promised the nothic delicious goblins to eat. La'Thum led the party to a nearby door, knocked, and announced that they had been sent by the leader of the bandits, Glasstaff.

Upon being told to enter, the party came face to face with Glasstaff, who fired off a Charm Person at La'Thum, ordered the nothic to attack, then escaped the room using Misty Step. After a harrowing battle in which the nothic revealed that Balmore's long-lost love, Bethalda, was being kept in Cragmaw Castle, the party managed to defeat the monster.

While investigating Glasstaff's quarters, Maurice came across an ajar secret door and a letter from the Black Spider addressed to Iarno Albrek, telling him to capture or kill a susipisious group of "visitors to Phandalin" and to deliver and Dwarvish maps found in their possession.

The party then fought a group of Redbrands who had been playing dice and, at the suggestion of Tulinthel, donned the Redbrands' cloaks.

The Limp Dick
LMoP: Session 1

At the recommendation of his cousin K'lika'qualkua Kuna, the dwarf Gundren Rockseeker hired the party to guide a wagon of mining equipment from the city of Neverwinter southeast to the settler town of Phandalin for 10 gold pieces apiece. Gundren set off ahead of the party with his hired bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter, and our players followed the next day.

Shortly after reaching the Triboar Trail the party saw two dead horses lying dead upon the road. Upon investigating, the party was ambushed by four goblin. A bloody skirmish ensued, but the party managed to route them. Balmore P.D. the elven wizard discovered a map hidden amongst the trees, while La'Thum the dragonborn paladin determined that the two horses belonged to Gundren and Sildar.

The party decided to disguise Halain the human rogue as a goblin and sent her to investigate the 5 mile long path northeast of the Trail. The path led to a cave with two bored goblins on lookout outside. Upon starting back to the party, she bumped into Angus the human ranger. The two decided to take care of the goblin lookouts themselves. After a series of awkward tree-climbing and a couple poorly-aimed arrows, the pair managed to kill one goblin and interrogate the other. The captured goblin revealed that Gundren and Sildar had been in the cave, but that Gundren had been relocated.

The rest of the party caught up, and they set up a trap: Halain would lure the goblins in the cave outside by screaming about a dragon (La'Thum) she had captured; Maurice the gnome bard and Balmore P.D. would hang over the cave mouth and drop oil + fire bolts on enemies who exited; and Dick the human fighter and Angus would pick them off with arrows one by one. Unfortunately, Halain's shouting only provoked the ire of three wolves who were chained up within the cave. Breaking free, they summarily knocked out La'Thum and Halain and escaped the cave, attacking the rest of the party. After another bloody battle, the tired party set up camp in the woods and took a long rest. 

In the morning, the La'Thum led the party into the cave. After a long sequence involving large-scale cavern floodings, failed rope climbings, and foolhardy magic missiles, the party was fighting for their lives against a cavern packed with goblins, wolves, and a massive bugbear. In an act of sheer badassery, Dick dragged three goblins off a bridge with him and slowly lost his life while half of his party bickered over treasure. RIP Dick.

The surviving adventurers finally found Sildar, who had been on the brink of death. Halain and Angus left the party after failing to steal any of the treasure discovered from the rest of the party. The remaining party members gathered their newfound treasure, among which were a little frog statuette and several boxes emblazoned with blue lions. And so Maurice, Balmore P.D., La'Thum, and Sildar recovered the caravan and eventually arrived in Phandalin.


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