The Lost Mine of Phandelver


LMoP Session 8

Upon waking up in Reidoth's house, the druid asks Balmore, Negro, and Maurice to see if they can help him get rid of a dragon that has taken up residence in Thundertree. As the intrepid party leaves the house, they are alerted to the sound of combat; upon investigation, the source is revealed to be that of Ezekiel and Tulinthel fending off a few orcs. Helping them defeat their assailants, the party welcomes the half-orc and human back into their party.

Just as the reunion is occurring, a crooning voice echoes down to them from the town's northern tower:

"Adventurers! I know you're out there. Been talking to that druid, I presume. I can smell your foul odor. I know that druid wants me to leave. Coveting my treasure. Undoubtedly I'm sure you do, too. So if it's a battle you want, I will provide it, but I hope to parley. If you value your lives you should hear me out. I come carrying, as the human custom goes, the white banner of peace. Step into my lair and no harm should come to you."

The green dragon, coiling around the top of his tower, has affixed his eyes on the party. The party cautiously makes their way up to the lair, as the dragon continues beckoning.

"The truth is that this fight is more evenly matched than I prefer. I will destroy you, but I will be forced to lick my wounds and in that time, be a prime target for my half-sister Zespira's inevitable attack! I may be inclined to be evil, by your own standards, but I'm not stupid. I would much prefer fights I can overwhelmingly win."

Assuring them with talk of dragon hospitality and honor, he coaxes the party inside his tower. "I'm quite full, right now. Another party tried to kill me recently, you see. They didn't take to negotiating. Thought I was a liar. Oh…..The druid didn't tell you about them?"

Lowering his voice, the dragons peers around the enclosure nervously. Expressing concern about his sister's spies, he whispers "You see- I need a favor. Yes. Close together, now. I'm offering you a deal. Closer. I must whisper. My half-sister Zespira has long been jealous of my superior lair."

Maurice informs Venomfang that there is an even bigger tower about 10 miles north of Thundertree that would better suit his lair needs. Apparently convinced, the dragon weighs this new information. "Well, if you'd slay her I'd gladly leave this place at once with all my treasure. No problem at all. I will rid myself of this place and vow never to return, instead using that other tower to the north."

Indicating a large scroll rolled out onto a table, he beckons the party over. "Come closer now and I shall give you a map that will help you find Zespira." The party, with the exception of Negro the Black, cautiously approach the table. The bitter smell of chlorine coming from Venomfang's mouth intensifies. Tulinthel notices that although this is a fairly young dragon (owing to the lighter hue of its scales) its mouth is already dripping venom. Once they have lined up, to examine the scroll, they realize it is completely blank. "See," The dragon grins, his face unable to conceal his delight any longer. "Thank you for trusting me, MEAL!" The green dragon roars, his open mouth exposing a ball of poison quickly building in the back of his throat. The scent of bleach and volatile chemicals hits the party's faces followed by a viscious cloud of acidic haze!

Balmore P.D. is knocked unconscious immediately, with the rest of the party barely hanging on to life. Negro, who had stepped back from the party and thus avoided the blast, runs forward to resuscitate the fallen wizard. Tulinthel takes cover behind a pillar and says a prayer to heal the group. Ezekiel leaps onto the table and engages the dragon, while Balmore crawls under the table and surrounds himself with a protective field. Meanwhile Maurice notices that Venomfang is standing on a pile of gold and silver; plucking out a tune on his lute, he heats up the metal to such a degree that the dragon sustained wounds on his legs. Roaring in pain, the dragon refocuses his attention on the little gnome and flies across the room to strike him, incurring a powerful smite from the half-orc paladin on the table.

Negro meanwhile keeps to the shadows along the side of the tower, walking along the skeletal remains of previous adventurers and firing arrows at the behemoth. Tulinthel is knocked out, but revived by Maurice's healing word. The party is worn down, but—despite sustaining fairly powerful damage— the dragon seems nearly as potent as it had been at the start. Balmore attempts to fire off Melf's Acid Arrow at the dragon, though the green arrow seems to dissipate upon contact with the oozing scales. A Shatter spell from Maurice seems to damage the dragon past his risk-reward limit; reluctantly growling that he would seek out the northern tower Maurice had mentioned, he flies into the air with a parting swipe and bite. However, before he can get more than 60 feet, Tulinthel calls out: "Come back." The magically-charged phrase hits the dragon's ears and he does a 180, flying straight back down and landing at the revitalized party's feet. Unable to use his damaged wings any longer, he makes a last desperate attempt to summon forth another poisonous wave from his mouth, but is unable to muster the energy. The party shoots Venomfang in the eye in an attempt to blind him, but besides eliciting another roar of pain it does not seem to effect his vision. Maurice plays his lute to put the beast to sleep, and it sinks to the floor with a resounding snore.

Negro then climbs upon the beast to deliver swift-bladed justice. He produces his Javelin of Lightning and speaks its activation phrase: "Where all the White Elves at?!" he roars. And down comes a thunderous bolt of power onto the Dragon's crown, incinerating its brain, dancing on its wet venomous maw causing its throat to burst, its heart to rupture and empty onto the floor, the belly ripped with electrified intestines and the tail split at the end sending the traveling bolt out and into the tower wall. The Green Dragon is dead.

The party then spends a good amount of time pulling various souvenirs from the dragons body: draining venom; pulling teeth; ripping of scales; and scooping up the heart. They also investigate the dragon's horde, which consists of several diamonds, a couple magic scrolls, a lot of money, and a magic axe discovered by Ezekiel that is particularly potent against wooden and plant-based objects. Tulinthel chops off the dragon's head and carries it upon one shoulder.

Reeling from the experience yet too riled up to go to bed (it is still early afternoon), the party goes over to the town square where they view a barracks; inside are slumped several ash zombies. Negro, desiring some arrows, decides to walk in and attempt to dodge through the crowd of zombies, resulting in his promptly being knocked out. Tulinthel invokes Pelor's might to Turn the zombies and the party manages to pull Negro out alive. Barring the door with his immovable rod, Maurice proposes that they just burn down the whole building, which they do. The session ends with them examining their handiwork as the fire catches.



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