The Lost Mine of Phandelver

The One Where They Set a Forest on Fire

LMoP Session 5

Maurice was awakened one morning to the sound of Aunt Quelline answering the door for two people, who turned out to be Daren Edermath (a 65 year old retired adventurer) and his drow protégé, Negro the Black. Daren invited Maurice to accompany them on a quest to investigate suspicious reports from Old Owl Well; some adventurers passing through the area had told Daren they'd felt a malicious presence there, with some even claiming to have seen the undead walking around the premises. He offered to give the young adventurers some old weapons he'd held onto from his old adventuring days upon their return. 

While getting ready to depart, Negro investigated something curious he had seen on the way to Edermath Orchard- lines of young street urchins clutching books and walking towards the Tresendar Manor (former location of the Redbrand Hideout). Approaching, he noticed that two banners had been draped on the slightly dilapidated columns bordering the door, each bearing the sigil of a horned dog head. As he was about to pull it down, the door bursts open and a tall, elegant elf informed him that this was the recently started Deus Vult Academy of Excellence, started with the purpose of turning orphans into upstanding citizens. As Negro reached up to tear down a banner, the elf cast a spell that sent Negro flying.

Meanwhile, Maurice went to the Sleeping Giant tavern to have a pint of mead, and his devotee Rosie Slepperd attended to him. Maurice convinced her (with a 29 persuasion roll) that the guy sitting at the end of the bar was very attractive, so she promptly left and began chatting up the half-orc.

Along the road to the Old Owl Well, the group came upon an owlbear being harassed by a few hobgoblins. Daren convinced the crew to rescue it, so they killed the hobgoblins and barely escaped the enraged, wounded owlbear. As the crew continued up the road, the sound of buzzing greeted their ears as 7 stirges (giant mosquitos) dive-bombed the party. On the verge of being overwhelmed, Maurice leapt into their midst and let loose a Thunderwave that caused them all to explode, causing only minor damage to the unfortunate party members to whom the stirges had already latched.

Negro led the crew along a route that cut through the hills (relatively drama-free, besides an attempted ambush by a crew of 4 orcs which the party effectively countered with deft use of invisibility and long-range sniping) and within 2 days they'd arrived at the well. 

There they discovered a flamboyant necromancer had set up camp, who was ostensibly training zombies to perform dance routines for the upcoming Phandalin Phall Phestival. Negro noticed that the tattoo on his bald head matched that of the banner from Deus Vult Academy of Excellence and questioned him further, upon which the necromancer admitted that he had been asked to help raise up an undead army. Misty-stepping away from the group, he ordered his 12 zombies to attack.

The necromancer got his throat slit by Negro, Maurice shattered a few zombies, and Daren invoked his deity to Turn the Undead, giving the party a chance to escape. Negro passed out some torches and the party set the forest on fire, to finish off the zombie horde and prevent anything else from spawning. They then began to make their way back to Phandalin.



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